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Website Maintenance Packages

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SEO & Content
If you are looking to conquer your industry, SEO is the route for you. Get the people looking for your services to your website by ensuring that they have the best user experience possible.
Looking to improve your businesses image online? We can re-design and develop a brand new look for your business. If done correctly this could lead to an increase in traffic and sales.
Google Guaranteed
Using paid ads is the fastest way we can start to gain traffic from search engines. We can show your brand or products at the top of Google search results for selected keywords.
Social Media
Trying to increase brand or product awareness to target customers? You can choose your perfect demographics and show them professionally designed ads as they scroll through social media.

Why Website Maintenance?

Your website is a business tool which is used by existing and potential customers every day. But the web is always changing, always moving. Technologies change. Vulnerabilities are exploited and fixed. Our website maintenance & support packages ensure your site can keep pace with the change.
If you buy a car, and all you do over the next four years are drive it and add petrol, it’s a recipe for disaster. Without regular maintenance, your car will lose all value and end-up in mechanical failure.

How does this relate to your website? You may only need to refresh the design every 24-36 months, but if you’re not updating your core WordPress code and theme files more regularly than that, you leave your site open to malware, hackers, and undetected security risks – not to mention penalties from Google.

Reduce or eliminate the risk to your business by having AMS manage your Website for you.

Benefit from the peace of mind that comes with our packages and rest assured that your site is being kept road worthy and, should anything untoward occur, that there are recent backups from which we can quickly restore your site.

It’s like a Monthly MOT for your website.


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