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The intention of ACS is to serve businesses with a first class service and assist predominantly with cost control and supplier management. Business Cost Reduction is our forte. We believe that all Business owners should have access to volume purchasing discounts – and that is where we come in.
We specialise in Business Cost Reduction and are dedicated to finding the right solution – to meet our clients’ unique needs. Whilst we have our specialism, please don’t think that’s where it ends. We are genuinely all encompassing and totally committed in finding the right solutions for all aspects of Business.

History and Experience

ACS was formed in 2013 by Steve McQueeney and began with a core focus towards Merchant Services. This is still a big part of our focus but it quickly became clear from speaking to our customers that our approach of saving them money on their Merchant Services offering was an emotional subject and in the current climate businesses are continually looking for innovative ways to save money, improve profitability and generally just be better at what they do. Therefore, we utilised our extensive network of connections to seek out favourable agreements that we can pass on to our valued clients.

It is not ACS intention to tell someone how to run their business but purely to cast an eye over what they are doing to see if it can be done better. After all, a restauranter is there to run a restaurant, to provide great food and great service. Processes and cost control, whilst very important in business, are not always at the forefront of the mind. That is where ACS comes in. Our business is not to provide great food, or other aspects of different businesses but to assist the hard working business owners in controlling their bottom line, leaving them more profitable and freeing up funds to expand their business.

Please take a look on our Services page to find out what areas we are currently specialising in.

We stick to a core set of principles all designed around ensuring we save your Business money and assist you as a partner in the process. Those principles are:


We are here as a partner to you. To support your growth as a Business.


We value you as a client and we value all aspects of our professional relationship.



We meticulously assess your costs and purchasing, providing recommendations for change.


We help you to earn more money through cost savings. Cost savings = more profit.

Mission Statement

ACS intends to provide innovative solutions to our individual client’s unique needs. We are here to solve problems and provide solutions that are causing a lacks of productivity, cash and time within their businesses – leaving them to concentrate on what is important and that is running the business itself. We become partners to our clients and have access to a vast range of commercial services which each provider offering huge discounts and incentives to our clients as a result of their relationship with ACS.

Vision Statement

ACS has plans to become the most trusted and reliable commercial services business in the UK. We intend to achieve this by working tirelessly to reduce our client’s costs and improve their bottom lines. We will do this alongside assisting them with their processes, procedures and issues that may be preventing them expanding their businesses. Our extensive experience in commercial and corporate businesses will be the cornerstone to ours, and our client’s future successes.

You can contact Steve McQueeney directly on 07469 768846 or steve@adv-commercial.co.uk