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Business Cost Reduction

Welcome to the online home of Advanced Commercial Services (ACS).

Here you will find information about our business along with information on what we can do to assist in your Business Cost Reduction.

ACS is the ‘go to’ place for all aspects of Business Cost Reduction. Over the course of 18 years, our founder, Steve McQueeney has built up second to none relationships with suppliers and other businesses alike, meaning that your business can benefit from our immense buying power, extensive network of contacts and also our negotiating prowess should you be in the lucky position of being happy with your existing suppliers but would like to negotiate more favourable terms and costs.

No cost to your Business

ACS is here to work for you, for FREE. This gives you the peace of mind that A) we are confident we can perform for you and B) there’s no financial risk required from you. We are reimbursed for our Business Cost Reduction services by the suppliers that we introduce you to.

We are here to help

So, whether you are new to business and looking for a helping hand in setting up favourable supplier relationships or you are well established but too busy with the day to day running of the business that you have little time for cost control, get in touch today and let us impress you with our proposals.

You can contact Steve McQueeney directly on 07469 768846 or steve@adv-commercial.co.uk